1. sprawlsucks says

    The point we have come to is that today’s pro-sprawl conservatives are, in fact, over-regulating, tax-and-spend, Me Generation liberals, while today’s anti-sprawl liberals are actually morally-grounded, small-government, conservation-minded conservatives yearning to protect God’s Creation.

  2. Stacy J. Guffey says

    Better to focus less on the attention grabbers – radical Agenda 21ers, conspiracy theorists and the like and focus more on the self-identified conservatives and libertarians who, because they intuitively want to protect their self interest, are pro-planning and pro-property protection regulations on the local level. The area where I live is full of those folks and many of them, because of the right’s rush to the radical, feel ignored.

  3. sprawlsucks says

    Given all the various right wing dirty dealing going on these days in everything from electoral fraud to voter intimidation and climate change denying to attacks on unions, one can only wonder if these Tea Partiers, with their fascist, brown shirt-style tactic of disrupting city planning meetings aren’t, in fact, paid by corporate profiteers in the auto, oil and associated sprawl industries to attend these meetings and give other attendees the false impression that sprawl is preferred by the majority.

    Perhaps it is best, Stacy, we focus less on these phony attention grabbers and, if necessary, have them removed by security at the first inkling of trouble. Questions are one thing; shouting down speakers is another.

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