1. What is a cybercommunity?

    I define it as a city of 6,000-12,000 persons living on no more than four levels in a car-free area of no more than a mile from one side to the other.

    It is spaces connected to a universal matrix.

    This matrix conducts everything in and everything out. It is the source of the tensile strength needed to hold spaces and bear the weight of things. But it has a certain flexibility which stands it in good stead in the face of severe weather. It enables spaces to be ever-changing, ever-flexible, replicable and easily transported.

    Cybercommunities require technological advances comparable to those that have taken place in the automobile industry. Indeed, it is the proposal of this project that the elements of cybercommunities become, in effect, the successor to the auto industry, a new stage of manufacturing which can engage all of the new technologies, such as 3-D Printing, that will spring up as the need to create a new global stage becomes more and more obvious.

  2. Roland Beinert says

    I didn’t get to go to CNU this year, so I may have missed something, but wasn’t Jan Gehl supposed to speak? Was he unable to attend? I haven’t been able to find any information on his speech.

  3. Andrew Laska says

    *ahem* Don’t forget @cnu23dfw !!

    One huge this is missing from this piece. The massive tactical urban pop-up park in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas. I am told that is was the most massive tactical project at CNU to date. It was up for four days straight and probably got the most “live” local press than anything else at the Congress.

    On top of that, it would have been a disaster to disassemble but CNU attendees from all over the country pitched it. In what took days to put together was dissembled in one hour because of spontaneous CNU volunteers!

  4. PlaceMakers says

    How’d we miss that one, Andrew? Got it now. Thanks. And now that you bring it up, there were many more great Tweeps at CNU, which y’all will find at #CNU23. Roland, Jan Gehl wasn’t well and was unable to attend the Congress. While his plenary was replaced, he is irreplaceable. More of our blogs inspired by him here.

    Also, we are digging the reporting that is happening on CNU 23, covering many topics that we don’t in this blog:

    The Dallas Morning News
    Why is so much architecture junk?
    by Mark Lamster, Architecture Critic

    Culture Map Dallas
    Pop-up park takes over central block in Deep Ellum with movies and good times
    by Teresa Gubbins

    The Architects Newspaper
    Claiming Crowdus
    Callison and TBG team up with the community to create a pedestrian street in Deep Ellum

    Front Burner
    What Is New Urbanism?
    by Peter Simek

    The Dallas Morning News
    Coming to Deep Ellum tomorrow, a temporary plaza meant to make Dallas a bit more walkable
    by Robert Wilonsky

    Kera News
    Why Walkability Matters In North Texas
    by Jeff Whittington

    Kera News
    Why Duplexes And Townhomes Make Urban Areas More ‘Walkable’
    by Courtney Collins

    Gulf Live
    Ocean Springs architect Bruce Tolar to be honored with national award Thursday in Dallas

    Sun Herald
    New Urbanists salute Ocean Springs architect

    El Paso Inc.
    Plan El Paso Project earns award

    Plain Talk on Building and Development
    A Ton of Work to do after CNU 23 in Dallas Part I of II

    by John Anderson

    Candy’s Dirt
    #CNU23 Recap: Dallas-Fort Worth Event Leaves Legacy For Urban Redevelopment
    by Amanda Popken
    Note, final image in this blog is the PlaceMakers | Farr Dance Party

    The Black Urbanist
    The #CNU23 Post You’ve Been Waiting For
    by Kristen Jeffers

    RebelMouse :: Streetfilms
    CNU23: A Wrap Up of My Experience in Dallas & Ft. Worth
    by Clarence Eckerson

    Petaluma Patch
    Petaluma Urban Chat: CNU 23: First Impressions
    by Dave Alden

    Livability Blog
    5 Things I Learned at the 23rd Congress of the New Urbanism
    by Matt Carmichael

    We’re sure we’re missing several, so please do tell.

  5. Paddy Steinschneider says

    Thanks for the report. CNU 23 was very good, although I am not sure “best”. I think we are lucky that it is hard to figure which Congress was actually best, although I am always sure that the next one will be. One thread that I think was special at 23 was getting to the issue of the relationship of building design and the quality of urbanism; specifically, how the aesthetics and characteristics of a building help or hinder good urbanism. This has been an issue for a while now and I think we established the platform in Dallas that we will be able to work from in Detroit.

    Thanks again for the dance party. That is always a highlight for me at every Congress. Next year, I am hoping for a Motown playlist.




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