1. My band, The Sunset District played Porchfest and it was amazing. There was a ton of great bands and great vibes with everyone out and about. Thanks for pulling this together! Already looking forward to the next one.

  2. Congratulations. Huge success.

  3. 3 years in a row.
    Porchfest has been a part of Missoula, Montana’s Zootown Fringe Festival.
    It has grown and folks wish for us to have monthly porchfests migrating to different neighborhoods each month.

    Thanks for the article.

  4. Lorraine Forster says

    Now that I’ve heard the propaganda, how about some truth. What were the problems? To be of any value a discussion must include both sides–pro and con.

    • PlaceMakers says

      What’s included reflects my experience doing the event, Lorraine, which you are free to take or leave as you wish. Porchfest is an all-volunteer movement fueled by good will and love of music. That’s something worth doing for some folks, a waste of time for others. Whether or not anyone chooses to do their own version of Porchfest is of no particular benefit to me.

      We emerged with a few areas where we can improve, as noted in the article, but did not experience any substantive cons. -Scott

  5. Beth Borrus says

    Our local arts council wants to organize a porchfest but some members are concerned about liability. Can you offer any advice?


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