About PlaceShakers

PlaceShakers and Newsmakers is PlaceMakers’ online mouthpiece. Our opportunity to share perspective and engage in the discussion of ideas. Because of the work we do, we spend our days in the company of urban designers, architects, civic boosters, enviros, developers, politicos, city staffers, preservationists, community activists and good ole everyday folks, and our goal here is making sense of them all. Making the interconnected — and often competing — agendas of community design accessible and illuminating the inevitable benefits and trade-offs that result from the choices we make.

We typically publish once or twice a week: Perspective essays every Monday and, periodically, practical placemaking on Thursday (though, admittedly, the distinction between the two is often a loose one).

With so much change in the air, we want to invite conversations about connectivity. Like most folks with an Urbanist perspective on change, we believe that paths out of the housing and finance crisis and paths toward resilience and opportunity intersect. And that issues like energy, agriculture, aging and obesity share common roots. So let’s look for opportunities to connect the dots.

We’re a north American firm so, for better or for worse, the issues we take on tend to reflect that. It’s freely acknowledged that many of our ideas and critiques are not necessarily appropriate or transferable to other cultures and we welcome discussion of how urbanism might be fostered or challenged elsewhere.

Join us as we discuss ideas and efforts impacting everyday community, from innovative applications of form-based codes to design solutions across multiple scales, to civic engagement and the selling of big ideas. Let us know what’s happening in your area and how it plugs into the Bigger Picture, and we’ll share. Contact any of our contributors here.