2016 Groves Award Winner

We’d like to help celebrate this year’s Groves Award Winner! Andy Blake, City Manager for the City of Ranson, West Virginia, will receive the 2016 Groves Award, given annually by the Congress for the New Urbanism and the Transect Codes Council to recognize outstanding leadership and vision in the promotion of Transect-based planning.

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Walkability: It’s not about the buildings, or even the streets. It’s about the experience.

We are excited to see the high level of understanding in the Surgeon General’s Step It Up call to action last week, to promote walking and walkable communities. The Surgeon General noted, “Improving walkability means that communities are created or enhanced to make it safe and easy to walk and that pedestrian activity is encouraged for all people. The purpose of the Call to Action is to increase walking across the United States by calling for improved access to safe and convenient places to walk and wheelchair roll and by creating a culture that supports these activities for people of all ages and abilities.”

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An Interview with Kaid Benfield, Newly-Announced ‘Senior Counsel’ for PlaceMakers

Kaid Benfield, newly-announced ‘Senior Counsel’ for PlaceMakers.

Kaid Benfield, newly-announced ‘Senior Counsel’ for PlaceMakers.

Many of you know — or know of — Kaid Benfield, who’s led smart growth and sustainability initiatives at the Natural Resources Defense Council for two decades. Kaid is stepping down from his NRDC post. And we’re delighted to announce that he’ll become Senior Counsel for Environmental Strategies for PlaceMakers, effective the first of January.

See our press release detailing the announcement here.

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Big News: Check back tomorrow


We’re taking a break from placeshaking today to gear up for some big news we’re releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28. Come on back then for a truly exciting announcement chock-full of new possibilities. Not just for PlaceMakers, but for placemaking in general.

See you then.

New Media for Designers and Builders

Steve Mouzon’s much anticipated new book, New Media for Designers + Builders, releases today. This groovy user-intensive e-book is a road map for revising the marketing efforts of the design and construction community. The premise: Tired marketing budgets are antiquated and out of step with a post-recession world where values have shifted towards authenticity and frugality. The book is a how-to manual to jump start design-related social media savvy. It’s not just about starting a conversation and sharing ideas with your potential customers, but also about learning from the collective design community voice. Not for the love of the contract, but for the love of the conversation.
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This Just In from CNU20: World not yet saved

The Congress for the New Urbanism’s annual convergence of giganto ideas and fine-grained pragmatism wrapped Saturday night with a party in a bar. The four days in West Palm Beach, Florida, marked the 20th anniversary of such gatherings, most of which also involved spill-over debates in venues with liquor licenses.

As usual, the CNU20 agenda was packed with passion and ambition, with a smidgeon of apocalyptic visioning to dampen out-of-control hopefulness. So what’s on the minds of the NU designers, planners and fellow travelers these days?

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Hey, where’s the freshness?

Hi, there. Thanks for dropping by. If you’re here seeking your weekly dose of community perspective, we’ve got some news for you.

It’s become increasingly apparent to us here at PlaceShakers that our Friday publishing schedule is a bit counter-intuitive. After all, here we are at the end of the week, trying to gear up discussion while everyone else is winding down.

Perhaps it originated with subconscious impulses to simply counter whatever the mainstream tends to do. Or maybe Friday just turned out to be the day when we had the most bandwidth to write. Whatever is was, it’s not ideal. It’s become the week’s dessert. A little treat at the end, when the heavy lifting is done.

We’re really looking to be more of an aperitif.

So, beginning Monday, we’re switching to a Fresh Every Monday promise instead. We’ll start the week with you and together we can consider the challenges ahead at the same pace.

See you then.