Placemaking Events

Practitioner, advocate or activist, there’s always plenty going on in the pursuit of more livable communities. See below, and check back often as more come on line.

Nygren Placemaking and Biophilic Institute
Serenbe, GA, US | Apr 25-27

PlaceMaking: Making it Happen
Project for Public Spaces
New York, NY, US | May 11-13

Downtown Day
Downtown Development Association with Hazel Borys
Grand Forks, ND, US | May 12

Small Scale Developer Forum 2016: Remaking the Rustbelt
Pittsburgh, PA, US | May 12-13

Housing Opportunity 2016
Boston, MA, US | May 15-17

Public NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Trainings
National Charrette Institute
Asheville, NC, US | May 16-18
Harvard University, US | Jul 6-8

Shorewood 2.0
CNU Wisconsin
Shorewood, WI, US | May 17

Philadelphia, PA, US | May 19-21

District Energy + Water Academy
EcoDistricts + Reshape Strategies + CIRS
Vancouver, BC, Canada | May 24-26

How to Create Successful Markets
Project for Public Spaces
New York, NY, US | June 3-4

Understanding the Real Estate Development Process
San Diego, CA, US | Jun 6-8

CNU 24
A gathering of committed placemakers
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8-11

Urbanism & Sustainability
Over 80 percent of Americans now live in cities or suburbs—getting our communities right has never been more important. Kaid Benfield, author of People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think About Greener, Healthier Cities, takes a more holistic, solution-based, example-oriented approach to planning our communities sustainably—ecologically and socially.
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8, 10:15am

Lean Code Workshop
Detroit is the king of lean urbanism ideas and methods, both intentionally and unintentionally. Lean Codes seriously up equity and social justice in a sort of do-it-yourself urban way. This day-long workshop would take Lean Codes that have been written in 2015-2016 as inspiration, and write one to apply to a neighborhood that is walkable from the CNU 24 venue. Advance preparation for the workshop includes a webinar series before CNU 24 begins, to explore concepts, have discussions, and lay the foundation for a day of coding. Workshop leaders include Susan Henderson, Matt Lambert, Marina Khoury, Jennifer Hurley and Hazel Borys.
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8, 9am to 5pm

PlaceMakers Farr Dance Party
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 10

Creating Value in the Real Estate Development Process
San Diego, CA, US | Jun 9-11

Economic Future Forum
International Economic Development Council
Tulsa, OK, US | Jun 12-14

LOCUS National Leadership Summit
Smart Growth America Making Neighborhoods Great Together
Boston, MA, US | Jun 13-15

International Conference on Transport and Health
San Jose, CA, US | Jun 13-15

Growth Without Sprawl
Vivre en Ville
Montréal, QC, Canada | Jun 14

ULI Asia Pacific Summit
Shanghai, China | Jun 15-17

Summer Studio in Classical Architecture
Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
New York, NY, US | Jun 16-Jul 20

New Cities Summit
City of Montréal and the New Cities Foundation
Montréal, QC, Canada | Jun 21-23

Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place
Project for Public Spaces
Vancouver, BC, Canada | Sep 12-15

EcoDistricts Summit
Denver, CO, US | Sep 12-15

Annual Econ Dev Conference
International Economic Development Council
Cleveland, OH, US | Sep 25-28

Designing Cities
National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)
Seattle, WA, US | Sep 26-29

The Art of Architecture: Hand Drawing and Design
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture
South Bend, IN, US | Sep 29-Oct 1

Creative Placemaking Summit
Arts Council of Greater Lansing
Lansing, MI, US | Oct 6

San Francisco, CA, US | Oct 9-12

Green Urbanism
International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange
Italy | Oct 14-16

ULI Fall Meeting
Dallas, TX, US | Oct 24-27

Econ Dev Leadership Summit
International Economic Development Council
Jacksonville, FL, US | Jan 29-31, 2017

Fed Forum
International Economic Development Council
Washington, DC, US | Apr 9-11, 2017

AIA 2017
Orlando, FL, US | Apr 27-29, 2017

ULI Spring Meeting 2017
Seattle, WA, US | May 2-4, 2017

CNU 25
Seattle, WA, US | May 3-6, 2017

APA 2017
New York, NY, US | May 6-9, 2017

Economic Future Forum
International Economic Development Council
Little Rock, AR, US | Jun 4-6, 2017

Econ Dev Annual Conference
International Economic Development Council
Toronto, ON, Canada | Sep 17-20, 2017

ULI Fall Meeting 2017
Los Angeles, CA, US | Oct 23-26, 2017

APA 2018
New Orleans, LA, US | Apr 21-24, 2018

AIA 2018
New York, NY, US | Jun 21-23

APA 2019
San Francisco, CA, US | Apr 13-16, 2019

APA 2020
Houston, TX, US | Apr 25-28, 2020


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