Placemaking Events

Practitioner, advocate or activist, there’s always plenty going on in the pursuit of more livable communities. See below, and check back often as more come on line.

Bicycle Urbanism Symposium
Richmond, VA, US | Sep 28-29

Hourglass Foundation
with Kaid Benfield
Lancaster County, PA, US | Oct 1

City Works (X)po
Big Ideas for Better Places
Roanoke, VA, US | Oct 1-3

International Economic Development Council
Anchorage, AK, US │ Oct 4-7

San Francisco, CA, US | Oct 5-8

Heart & Soul for Planners
Orton Family Foundation webinar | Oct 8

Urban Planning Film Festival
Hollywood, CA, US | Oct 8-11

CEOs for Cities
Indianapolis, IN, US | Oct 12-14

Adaptive Planning & Resilience
online course | Oct 12-Nov 22

Small Scale Developer Bootcamp
Atlanta, GA, US | Oct 14

UNITE on Placemaking
Boston, MA, US | Oct 15

Andrés Duany and the CityBuilding Exchange
New Orleans, LA, US | Oct 15-16

CanU7: Canada’s Urban DNA
Ottawa, ON, Canada | Oct 14-16

Think Green in ’15
Bismark, ND, US | Oct 17

TOD Conference
Washington, DC, US | Oct 20-22

Building the 21st Century City
with Jeff Speck and Hazel Borys
Cleveland, OH, US | Oct 21

Dallas, TX, US | Oct 25-28

San Jose, CA, US | Oct 26-29

National Walking Summit
Washington, DC, US | Oct 28-30

Vancouver Summit
CNU Cascadia on Northwest New Urbanism + Bridging Sustainability & Aboriginal Values
Vancouver, BC, Canada | Nov 6-8

Small Scale Developer Study Tour: Transformation in the Southwest
Scottsdale, AZ, US | Nov 9-10

Washington, DC, US | Nov 18-23

AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice
Miami, FL, US | Nov 18-21

Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Conference
Galveston, TX, US | Dec 1-3


Regional Urbanism in the Era of Globalisation
Huddersfield, UK | Feb 3-5

New Partners for Smart Growth
Portland, OR, US | Feb 11-13

Phoenix, AZ, US | Apr 2-6

Philadelphia, PA, US | Apr 19-21

48th National Congress on Housing & Homelessness
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
Montreal, QC, Canada | Apr 12-15

Philadelphia, PA, US | May 19-21

CNU 24
A gathering of committed placemakers
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 6-12

Green Urbanism
Italy | Oct 14-16


Chicago Architecture Foundation’s 
Lunchtime Lectures Chicago, IL, US  |  every Wednesday

Form-Based SmartCode

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