Placemaking Events

Practitioner, advocate or activist, there’s always plenty going on in the pursuit of more livable communities. See below, and check back often as more come on line.

PlaceMaking: Making it Happen
Project for Public Spaces
New York, NY, US | May 11-13

Downtown Day
Downtown Development Association with Hazel Borys
Grand Forks, ND, US | May 12

Small Scale Developer Forum 2016: Remaking the Rustbelt
Pittsburgh, PA, US | May 12-13

Housing Opportunity 2016
Boston, MA, US | May 15-17

Public NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Trainings
National Charrette Institute
Asheville, NC, US | May 16-18
Harvard University, US | Jul 6-8

Shorewood 2.0
CNU Wisconsin
Shorewood, WI, US | May 17

Philadelphia, PA, US | May 19-21

District Energy + Water Academy
EcoDistricts + Reshape Strategies + CIRS
Vancouver, BC, Canada | May 24-26

How to Create Successful Markets
Project for Public Spaces
New York, NY, US | June 3-4

Understanding the Real Estate Development Process
San Diego, CA, US | Jun 6-8

CNU 24
A gathering of committed placemakers
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8-11

Urbanism & Sustainability
Over 80 percent of Americans now live in cities or suburbs—getting our communities right has never been more important. Kaid Benfield, author of People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think About Greener, Healthier Cities, takes a more holistic, solution-based, example-oriented approach to planning our communities sustainably—ecologically and socially.
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8, 10:15am

Lean Code Workshop
Detroit is the king of lean urbanism ideas and methods, both intentionally and unintentionally. Lean Codes seriously up equity and social justice in a sort of do-it-yourself urban way. This day-long workshop would take Lean Codes that have been written in 2015-2016 as inspiration, and write one to apply to a neighborhood that is walkable from the CNU 24 venue. Advance preparation for the workshop includes a webinar series before CNU 24 begins, to explore concepts, have discussions, and lay the foundation for a day of coding. Workshop leaders include Susan Henderson, Matt Lambert, Marina Khoury, Jennifer Hurley and Hazel Borys.
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 8, 9am to 5pm

PlaceMakers Farr Dance Party
Detroit, MI, US | Jun 10

Creating Value in the Real Estate Development Process
San Diego, CA, US | Jun 9-11

Economic Future Forum
International Economic Development Council
Tulsa, OK, US | Jun 12-14

LOCUS National Leadership Summit
Smart Growth America Making Neighborhoods Great Together
Boston, MA, US | Jun 13-15

International Conference on Transport and Health
San Jose, CA, US | Jun 13-15

Growth Without Sprawl
Vivre en Ville
Montréal, QC, Canada | Jun 14

ULI Asia Pacific Summit
Shanghai, China | Jun 15-17

Summer Studio in Classical Architecture
Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
New York, NY, US | Jun 16-Jul 20

New Cities Summit
City of Montréal and the New Cities Foundation
Montréal, QC, Canada | Jun 21-23

Make a Green Public Space!
Izmo Summer School 2016
Torino, Italy | Jul 20-29

Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place
Project for Public Spaces
Vancouver, BC, Canada | Sep 12-15

EcoDistricts Summit
Denver, CO, US | Sep 12-15

Annual Econ Dev Conference
International Economic Development Council
Cleveland, OH, US | Sep 25-28

Designing Cities
National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)
Seattle, WA, US | Sep 26-29

The Art of Architecture: Hand Drawing and Design
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture
South Bend, IN, US | Sep 29-Oct 1

Creative Placemaking Summit
Arts Council of Greater Lansing
Lansing, MI, US | Oct 6

San Francisco, CA, US | Oct 9-12

Green Urbanism
International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange
Italy | Oct 14-16

ULI Fall Meeting
Dallas, TX, US | Oct 24-27

Econ Dev Leadership Summit
International Economic Development Council
Jacksonville, FL, US | Jan 29-31, 2017

Fed Forum
International Economic Development Council
Washington, DC, US | Apr 9-11, 2017

AIA 2017
Orlando, FL, US | Apr 27-29, 2017

ULI Spring Meeting 2017
Seattle, WA, US | May 2-4, 2017

CNU 25
Seattle, WA, US | May 3-6, 2017

APA 2017
New York, NY, US | May 6-9, 2017

Economic Future Forum
International Economic Development Council
Little Rock, AR, US | Jun 4-6, 2017

Econ Dev Annual Conference
International Economic Development Council
Toronto, ON, Canada | Sep 17-20, 2017

ULI Fall Meeting 2017
Los Angeles, CA, US | Oct 23-26, 2017

APA 2018
New Orleans, LA, US | Apr 21-24, 2018

AIA 2018
New York, NY, US | Jun 21-23

APA 2019
San Francisco, CA, US | Apr 13-16, 2019

APA 2020
Houston, TX, US | Apr 25-28, 2020


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