Pandemic Toolkit

What’s likely to linger in the aftermath of the global COVID crisis are the impacts on local and regional governments that provide the services citizens experience most directly in their daily lives. Faced with budget shortfalls, growing to-do lists for routine tasks delayed by the emergency, and general uncertainty about a “new normal,” how might governments address the uncertainty and respond effectively to the challenges?

That’s the goal of our Pandemic Toolkit:

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We’ve spent the last year observing and contributing to best practices and have distilled those interventions in an easy-to-use format. Our hope is that the toolkit helps rebuild municipal budgets quickly, by supporting local businesses and reducing the bureaucratic process. The Toolkit is available as a free, interactive document.

Each of its 22 actions includes the regulatory or policy tool needed to implement the action, along with methods, key points, and interventions required to see it through. For each action, different methods are highlighted that may help.

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