Hedgewood Homes | Atlanta, Georgia

Hedgewood may have started as a small, independent homebuilder competing on the basis of quality and architectural distinction, but such modest days were short-lived. Over the course of twenty years, the principles that drove their early success fueled an evolution into one of the Southeast’s most admired builders of environmentally-friendly, architecturally inspiring, traditional neighborhoods.

Long story short, the company became more than just a homebuilder. Instead, they achieved a sort of marketing gold — the wholly unique and desirable prospect of “total community,” something unmatched in the region. What they lacked, however, was a strong sense of how to take such a story to market. They turned to PlaceMakers to overhaul the company’s brand.

The challenge was the complexity of Hedgewood’s “promise.” Simply put, the company offered value and quality of life benefits across an uncommonly wide spectrum and appealed to a variety of target markets on different levels. However, in PlaceMakers’ estimation, there was a single message that resonated equally across these various segments: One’s true sense of “home” — both practical and emotional — is much greater than just a house and no one delivered on the complete package better than Hedgewood.

The concept then came to fruition with a new logo execution stating, simply, “Hedgewood: This is home.” The idea being that, as a visit to any Hedgewood community will attest, something different was taking place. Something bigger, on a more substantive and rewarding level.

The new positioning was then extended to the full scope of marketing materials and executions — company brochure, identity package, trade booth, website, and much more. With it, for the first time in its history, the company possessed a single voice and, equally important, a consistent story to tell.

With the rebranding complete, and proven successful, PlaceMakers continued working with Hedgewood on a variety of marketing projects, including marketing materials for both individual neighborhoods and special product challenges.