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Agricultural Urbanism: Local Food

Featuring Andrés Duany

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Andrés Duany, FAIA, discusses Agricultural Urbanism and Slow Urbanism, and their relationship to sustainable planning practices and zoning reform. Learning objectives: Assess methods for reversing the harmful effects of both globalization and sprawl on the built and natural environment by reintegrating and localizing food production on a range of scales, both for urbanism and production. Using the model SmartCode, participants will begin to learn how to employ a Form-Based Code to reintegrate agriculture into complete, compact, walkable communities and urban centers.

Andrés Duany is an architect and town planner. He & his wife, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, founded their practice in 1980, at the time of their design of Seaside, which began an ongoing debate on the alternatives to suburban sprawl. Since then, their company has completed well over four hundred downtown and new town plans both in this country and abroad. They, as co-authors of the SmartCode, have a particular love for writing codes and for polemical writing. Their firm has offices in Miami, Charlotte and Washington. They were founding members of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and have received several honorary degrees and awards for their work. Their book, Suburban Nation, describes the problems and proposes practical models for the American city of the 21st century. More recently, Andres coauthored the Smart Growth Manual, a resource which not only explains the overarching ideals of smart growth, but a manual that takes the time to show smart growth principles at each geographic scale (region, neighborhood, street, building). He is a board member of the Transect Codes Council.