PlaceMakers Webinars

Benchmarks for Economic Sustainability

Featuring Hazel Borys

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Most of our current laws make the economic losers – from the city’s perspective – easy to build, while mixed-use walkable neighborhoods are generally illegal. Particularly at a time when incremental, small-scale infill is more supportable than vast greenfields, tools like form-based codes and zoning reform allow flexibility in a changing marketplace, along with the walkable environments that people value and that generate the most optimal tax base. This webinar examines economic development potential for form-based codes.

Hazel, Managing Principal of PlaceMakers, is an electrical engineer with an MBA. She is the organizer of the SmartCode Workshop and Placemaking @ Work, board member of the Transect Codes Council, coauthor of the Codes Study, and contributor to PlaceShakers. She guides governments through zoning reforms to allow walkable, mixed-use, compact, resilient places to develop by right. And helps developers build livable neighborhoods.