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Imbedding Sustainability in the SmartCode

Featuring Doug Farr

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The webinar examines how to take the sustainability inherent in form-based codes to the next level, by adding on goals, incentives, and methods to any transect-based code. First, we’ll look at the environmentally destructive effects of sprawl-inducing zoning and subdivision regulations. And the critical need for thoroughfare calming to encourage pedestrians and cyclists, and plan for appropriate connectivity that can reduce VMT and CO2 production.

Using the model SmartCode, participants will begin to learn how to employ a Form-Based Code to set goals and methods to encourage zero net energy buildings, character-based public darkness, reduction in vehicle miles traveled, increased tree canopy cover, and light imprint storm water management.

Doug Farr has been identified as “The most prominent of the city’s growing cadre of ecologically sensitive architects” by The New York Times. Farr Associates is widely regarded as one of the most sustainable planning and architecture firms in the country. Their mission to design sustainable human environments puts human social and economic benefit on par with our aesthetic and environmental aims. Farr Associates’ planners and architects work in integrated design teams to create award-winning designs that provide the most client benefit for the least cost. Their best work results from close collaboration with clients on projects that aspire to attain social, economic and environmental goals, often at the crossroads of urbanism and architecture.