PlaceMakers Webinars

Getting to Yes on Form-Based Codes: A Political Primer

Featuring Susan Henderson

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Changing a city or county zoning ordinance is more than just a change in code. It’s a change in paradigm for the development community. It’s a change in options and opportunities. It’s a change to the look and feel of the places everyday people call home.

But more than anything, it’s just change. And that can create a great deal of angst within a community. In this webinar, Susan Henderson will give pointers about how to engage the various audiences – from those internal to the City to the development community and property owners – in order to make for more walkable places. What’s important to each group, as well as their typical form of communication, are key to moving conversations and initiatives forward.

Susan Henderson is a practicing architect, city planner and sustainability specialist who has served as principal on numerous municipal projects as well as specific development projects. She manages multi-disciplinary teams that provide services for federal grants including HUD, DOT TIGER II, and the EPA. Susan was the architectural team leader for the Mississippi Renewal Forum, leading a team of 30+ architects in the post-Katrina recovery efforts. This resulted in the development of the Katrina Cottage and policy changes with FEMA regarding hardening rather than elevating architecture. Susan’s major strengths are cost containment, project management, personnel management, and LEED assessments. She is a contributor to the SmartCode & Manual as well as author of the SmartCode Landscape Module. Susan serves as a board member on the Transect Codes Council. She is a Founding Principal of PlaceMakers, and Director of Coding.