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Smart Codes Mean Business: Serving Pent Up Demand

Featuring Matthew Lewis

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The SmartCode, and other form-based codes, deliver results that matter — not just in terms of municipal goals but to residents and their day-to-day quality of life:

+ Increased land values in targeted areas because of allowable densities, transportation connectivity, improved public spaces and the introduction of mixed-use options.
+ An environment of predictability for neighbors, developers, and business people— and the potential reduction in processing and approval times — because of agreed-upon, zone-appropriate forms for new development.
+ A more integrated, community-appropriate look and feel for buildings, neighborhoods and public spaces, that results in increased values and reinvestment.

In this webinar, Development Services Director Matthew Lewis will give an economic update on the San Marcos and Hutto, Texas SmartCodes. He told us about the calibration and adoption process at an earlier webinar. Since then, the Downtown SmartCode District in San Marcos went from $2 million of improvements per year to $23 million annually within one year of SmartCode adoption. The SmartCode clearly serves pent up demand, and in many cities has become a business model for meeting market demand.

Matthew Lewis the Development Services Director at City of San Marcos, Texas, and the former Community Development Director at City of Hutto, Texas. In both of these cities, Matthew led the successful adoptions and implementations of form-based SmartCodes. His passion is implementing the community vision through coding, innovative comprehensive plans, departmental team work, and education of the community and elected officials of proper planning practices. He wants people to know how it can be with a little effort and dedication by the community and development community. He has discovered the keys to municipal new urbanism and is delivering extraordinary community results.