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Sprawl Repair Field Guide

Featuring Galina Tachieva

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The Sprawl Repair Module has been created as a special “plug-in” to the SmartCode to activate the technology for repair as a part of the code. The module presents a sequence of techniques for retrofitting the sprawl elements into complete communities. It operates at the scale of the region, community, block, building, and thoroughfare. The SmartCode’s Sprawl Repair Sector G-5 is assigned to areas that are currently single use, have disconnected conventional development patterns, but have the potential to be redeveloped into neighborhoods and urban centers.

This webinar session addresses design, regulatory, and implementation tools for reversing sprawl, as well as will the plug-in Sprawl Repair modules for the scale of individual buildings, blocks, communities, and regions. Through real life examples, this session presents techniques to develop model ordinances that enable the transformation of single-use, auto-oriented suburbs into balanced, diverse, walkable places.

Galina Tachieva is an expert on urban redevelopment, sprawl repair, sustainable planning and form-based codes. As a partner at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, Architects and Town Planners (DPZ), Tachieva directs and manages the design and implementation of projects in the United States and around the world. She is the author of the recently released Sprawl Repair Manual, published in September, 2010 by Island Press. She is the primary author of the Sprawl Repair Module, a special application to the SmartCode, which enables the transformation of sprawl types into community patterns.