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Two Cities: A Planning Director’s Perspective

Featuring Matthew Lewis

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Cities are in one of the most unpredictable economic environments that we have seen. Tax dollars are shrinking and every community is being challenged to become more innovative with expenditures in a rapid way. Infrastructure is getting older and revenues are declining. Planners are looked upon to help solve these issues using new tools that are at their fingertips.  Development patterns over the last sixty years produced today’s pressures. Citizens, developers, and elected officials are outraged with the negative effects of the development regulations that require these growth patterns. The tale of two cities is one municipal planning director’s story — Matthew Lewis — on the challenges and opportunities communities face while creating SmartCodes for two cities in succession. Learn how utilize the form-based codes to build great communities while saving tax dollars. Uncover the things you need to be aware of to get over the hurdles that come with code adoption in varying political environments and community makeups.

Matthew Lewis the Development Services Director at City of San Marcos, Texas, and the former Community Development Director at City of Hutto, Texas. In both of these cities, Matthew led the successful adoptions and implementations of form-based SmartCodes. His passion is implementing the community vision through coding, innovative comprehensive plans, departmental team work, and education of the community and elected officials of proper planning practices. He wants people to know how it can be with a little effort and dedication by the community and development community.