PlaceMakers Webinars

Top Missed Municipal Placemaking Opportunities

Featuring Nathan Norris

$15 > Now available on-demand as a recorded session

Many cities continue to waste time and money by investing in tools, policies and programs that deliver lousy results. In this session Nathan Norris, Director of Implementation Advisory for PlaceMakers, will discuss the most effective ways for your city to leverage its placemaking assets for superior results.

Nathan’s expertise is in land development: management, design generation, project build-out, phasing & marketing strategy. A licensed attorney and real estate broker, he’s been instrumental in developing the Appraisal System for rating the merits of smart growth development. Nathan works with city officials to help develop strategies that address how to encourage smart growth, as well as the integration of neighborhood schools within the urban fabric. He serves as a board member on the Transect Codes Council, and occasionally blogs on PlaceShakers.