Title St / Prov / Co Largest Scale Implementation Strategy Type Adopt Year Acres Pop.
Abbeville LA City   SmartCode 2006 3,648 11,836
Addison TX City District plan with a form-based code to implement the vision and design concepts, and ensure Addison’s revitalization and transition from “aging first ring suburb” to “urban mixed use destination”. Other FBC 1995 2,784 14,964
Airdrie Alberta City Mixed Use Centres Design Guidelines SC & FBC Discussion   8,179 42,564
Albuquerque NM City Optional overlay. Form Based Zones legislation (O-08-58) was passed by City Council with a 7:2 vote Other FBC 2005 115,584 521,999
Alexandria VA City Various FBC urban design guidelines, mandatory by neighborhood Other FBC 1993 9,728 143,885
Allegan MI City   Transect-based   2,432 4,816
Alpine CA Neighborhood Mandatory for Alpine Village Core SmartCode   17,139 14,236
Alys Beach FL City   Transect-based 2003 158  
Amherst MA Neighborhood Failed to pass with required supermajority on November 16, 2011. Under consideration. For two small rural centers. Other FBC      
Antioch IL City   Other FBC   4,723 14,430
Arlington: Columbia Pike VA Neighborhood Updated 2/2006 Other FBC 1999 16,640 209,969
Arlington: West Arlington WA Neighborhood Mandatory for the West Arlington subarea plan adopted Feb. 7, 2011. Includes TDRs. Other FBC   4,864 17,926
Atlanta GA City Mandatory neighborhood codes; plus floating zones city-wide Other FBC 1999 84,352 537,958
Atlanta: Doraville TOD GA Neighborhood   SmartCode      
Atlanta: Edgewood TOD GA Neighborhood Applies to TOD; implements the ARC and the Southface Energy Institute plan SmartCode      
Austin TX Neighborhood Austin's current Design Standards and Mixed Use Subchapter (adopted in 2009; revised March 2009,) and has some form-based code elements. Other FBC 2009 5,696 46,847
Austin: Airport Blvd TX Neighborhood Airport Blvd is an extension of Mueller. Corridor and neighborhood code. Other FBC   - -
Azusa CA City   Other FBC 2005 5,248 9,374
Baltimore: Transform Baltimore MD City   Transect-based   51,712 637,418
Bastrop LA City Customization of the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit Transect-based 2010 5,376 11,365
Baton Rouge Downtown Revitalization LA Neighborhood   Transect-based   47,833 230,000
Beaufort Co.: The Daufuskie Island Code SC Region   SmartCode 2010 5,000 1,000
Beaufort County SC City   Other FBC   585,720 161,233
Beaufort: Boundary Street SC Neighborhood   Transect-based 2007 125 15,331
Bel Air MD Neighborhood Central business district Other FBC 2010 383 10,681
Bellevue SmartCode KY Neighborhood   SmartCode 2011   6,480
Belmont NC Neighborhood Initially for Stowe Manor Transect-based 1995 10,000 13,520
Benicia Downtown Master Plan and Zoning Code CA Neighborhood Downtown Other FBC 1997 88 1,040
Benicia: Lower Arsenal Mixed Use Specific Plan CA Neighborhood Arsenal Other FBC   50 1,000
Berthoud CO City   SC & FBC Discussion   8,000 5,000
Berwyn IL Neighborhood Roosevelt Road corridor with FBCs jointly by City of Berwyn, Town of Cicero, and the Village of Oak Park Other FBC 2010    
Billings MT City East Billings Urban Renewal District Other FBC      
Binghamton NY City   Other FBC   6,656 47,376
Bird Rock, San Diego CA Neighborhood Bird Rock Transect-based      
Birmingham: Downtown & Triangle District Form Based Code MI Neighborhood Initially an optional floating zone (DPZ; 1986) and is now mandatory (LSL; 2007) Transect-based 1986 55 1,000
Birmingham: Downtown Form-Based Zoning Ordinance AL Neighborhood   Other FBC   1,000 20,000
Birmingham: Highland Park Form-Based Overlay AL Neighborhood Form-based overlay/Mandatory Other FBC 2010 292 5,900
Black Mountain NC City   Other FBC   4,096 7,877
Blakely GA Region   SmartCode   11,200 5,068
Bloomington: Gridley, Allin, & Prickett FBC IL Neighborhood Gridley, Allin, & Prickett Neighborhood Other FBC   14,400 73,026
Blue Springs MO City   Other FBC 2003 11,648 55,698
Bluffton: Old Town Master Plan & Code SC Neighborhood Old Town Master Plan and Code Transect-based      
Bothwell: Downtown Subarea Plan WA Neighborhood Mandatory for the Downtown Subarea Plan Transect-based 2010 529 32,307
Bourne MA Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown Buzzards Bay, an older village center Other FBC 2011    
Bradenton FL Neighborhood   SmartCode 2011    
Bran Romania City   SmartCode 2007 16,768 5,573
Bridgton ME City   Other FBC   36,672 4,883
Broward County FL Region Acres and population are reduced by five qualifying FBCs on this study in cities of Broward County SmartCode 2006 668,857 1,612,995
Bryant AR City   SmartCode 2007 188  
Buckroe Bayfront District: City of Hampton VA Neighborhood Mandatory for neighborhood Other FBC 1996    
Buffalo Green Code NY City Aim is full replacement code Transect-based   25,600 276,059
Burleson TOD Plan TX Neighborhood Downtown TOD Transect-based 2010 373 34,350
California: Statewide Code Template CA State Statewide FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Callaway: East Bay FL City   Transect-based 2005 5,760 14,405
Camana Bay Cayman Islands Neighborhood SmartCode applies to Camana Bay SmartCode 2010 468 50,000
Camden SC Neighborhood Downtown, bordered by of Gordon, DeKalb, York and Mill streets SmartCode   245 500
Cape Coral FL Neighborhood Three form-based zoning districts: Core, Gateway, Edge Transect-based 2002 340 792
Carmel IN City Status: on indefinite hold. SmartCode   3,200  
Caroline County VA Region   SmartCode   341,120 28,545
Carrollton: Transit Center Zoning District TX Neighborhood Article XX. (TC) Transit Center District Regulations Other FBC 2009 77 2,000
Castle Rock: Southwest Quadrant; Interchange District CO Neighborhood Implements the Southwest Quadrant and the Interchange District plans Transect-based   3,400 44,369
Central Hercules Plan CA Neighborhood Applies to areas delineated on Grass Valley Development Code. Traditional urban design conventions applied to create palette of street types for four districts of the Central Hercules Plan area, Waterfront District, Central Quarter, Civic Center / Hospitality Corridor, Hilltown. Other FBC 2001 430 7,500
Charleston & Dorechester Co.: East Edisto Master Plan SC Neighborhood   SmartCode   80,000 485,693
Charleston Calhoun Street SC Neighborhood Corridor plan with form-based elements to be coded SC & FBC Discussion     3,000
Charlotte Amalie VI City   Transect-based     18,914
Cherokee County GA Region Optional overlay SmartCode 2007   215,084
Cheshire Village NC City   Transect-based   63 100
Chesterfield Co.: Chesterfield Village Green VA Region   Other FBC 1995 84 500
Chesterfield Co.: Magnolia Green VA Region   Other FBC 1991 3,892 4,886
Chesterfield Co.: Roseland VA Region   Other FBC 2008 4,185 5,000
Chestermere Alberta City Smart Code for Village and Town Centres SmartCode      
Cheyenne WY City FBC is Chapter 7 of Citywide UDC; requires 20 acre minimum. Transect-based 2010 15,680 59,466
Chittenden County VT Region (RFP March 2011) Other FBC   344,960 156,545
Cicero IL Neighborhood Roosevelt Road corridor with FBCs jointly by City of Berwyn, Town of Cicero, and the Village of Oak Park Other FBC 2010    
Cincinnati OH City Neighborhood-based form-based code Transect-based   49,920 333,336
Clark Co.: Highway 99 Subarea Hybrid FBC WA Neighborhood   Other FBC 2009 2,400 14,000
Cobb County GA City Mableton Community SmartCode 2011 13,184 37,115
College Park: North College Park MD Neighborhood   SC & FBC Discussion      
Colorado Springs: The Imagine Downtown Plan CO Neighborhood Form-based code in final stages of adoption to implement The Imagine Downtown Plan Other FBC 2009 640 500
Columbia MD City   Other FBC 2010 17,664 421
Columbia TN Neighborhood James Campbell Boulevard Strategic Corridor Plan Transect-based      
Columbia: Bull Street SC Neighborhood Infill. SmartCode 2012 183 200
Conover: Cline Village NC Neighborhood   Transect-based      
Contra Costa: Pleasant Hill Bart Station CA Neighborhood Pleasant Hill Bart Station Other FBC 2002    
Conway AR City Optional overlay SmartCode 2006 38,393 58,908
Cornelius NC City   Transect-based 1996 5,440 14,808
Cotati CA City   Transect-based 2009 59.5 7,169
Crewkerne England Neighborhood Extension to Crewkerne, a historic working, market town of 7000 Transect-based 2006 126 7,687
Criple Creek Form-Based Code CO City   Other FBC   704 1,189
D'Iberville MS City Covers the historic core of the city, from the waterfront to the expressway SmartCode 2010    
Dade County FL Region   SmartCode   1,192,140 2,130,104
Dallas Mixed Use Districts TX Neighborhood Chapter 51A Article XIII: Form Districts available to implement TODs and mixed use as designated in area plans Other FBC 2005   255,982
Dammam Downtown Code Saudi Arabia Neighborhood   SmartCode 2010   769,000
Dardienne Prairie: Uptown Zoning District MO Neighborhood Mandatory for Uptown Zoning District SmartCode 2007 2,816 7,423
Davidson NC Neighborhood Initially for Beatty Street Transect-based 1995 3,264 7,139
Davidson County TN Region Character Districts with UDOs (Urban Design Overlays) Other FBC      
Davie FL City   SmartCode   21,395 91,992
Del Mar CA City Implements the Village Specific Plan (VSP) Other FBC   1,092 4,161
Delcambre LA City   SmartCode   512 2,168
Denver CO City New zoning code based on a series of contexts. Form-based elements regulate all building types. Other FBC 2010 99,136 598,707
Des Plaines IL City   Other FBC   9,139 57,062
Dillon CO City   Other FBC   960 802
Dinwiddie VA Neighborhood Mandatory for designated “urban development areas.” Other FBC      
Doral: Downtown Doral FL Neighborhood   Transect-based      
Dover NH Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown and its subdistricts; redevelopment and infill Transect-based 2010    
Dublin: Bridgestreet OH Neighborhood Mandatory for Bridge Street District Other FBC 2012 1,200  
Dubuque County IA Region Cities of Bankston, Durango, and Sageville served as pilot communities for the development of the Smart Code SmartCode      
Duluth MN City Implements 2006 comp plan and 2005 University of Miami downtown master plan Other FBC   43,520 86,265
Duncanville: Downtown Duncanville District TX Neighborhood   Other FBC 2008    
Durango: Three Springs CO Neighborhood FBC for Three Springs Development Other FBC 2003 620 14,000
Durham: Ninth Street Design District NC Neighborhood Applies to Ninth Street Design District Other FBC 2008    
Early County GA Region   SmartCode   315,840 5,940
East Edisto Form District Plan SC Region All scales of planning, region to building. Four cornerstones: rural character, environmental responsibility, sustainable towns & villages, and education & employment opportunities. SmartCode   78,699  
East Lansing MI Neighborhood The East Village District FBC, bound by Bogue Street to the west, Grand River Avenue to the north, Hagadorn Road to the east, and the Red Cedar River to the south. Other FBC 2006 35 1,807
East Village Design Code Alberta Neighborhood East Village Design Code (Frontage-Based FBC) Transect-based 2009    
Eastham MA Neighborhood North Eastham Village Center Other FBC      
El Paso TX City Optional overlay SmartCode 2008 160,320 736,310
Elmore AL City Optional overlay SmartCode 2006 448 199
Emory University Village GA Neighborhood Overlay for historic commercial area adjacent to the Emory University campus Other FBC      
Erath LA City   SmartCode   960 2,187
Eugene OR Neighborhood Implements Walnut Station, & other mixed use centers Other FBC 2004    
Eustis Form-Based Code Land Development Regulations FL Neighborhood Implements downtown plan, as well as reinforces character of each community distric. Design regulations citywide. Other FBC 2008 6,208 19,129
Evanston IL City   Other FBC   4,979 74,486
Exeter NH Neighborhood   SC & FBC Discussion      
Farmers Branch: Station Area FBC TX City   Other FBC 2001   26,455
Fayetteville AR Region   SmartCode   34,432 73,580
Ferguson MI Neighborhood Downtown Other FBC      
Fitchburg SmartCode WI City Optional overlay (See Part II, Title II, Chapter 23 – SmartCode District) SmartCode 2010 22,336 25,260
Flagstaff 2011 Zoning Update AZ City Updated and simplified conventional zoning districts (previous performance zones removed) with FBC for downtown & surrounding historic neighborhoods. Fully integrated hybrid code. Optional and incentivized. Transect-based 2011 n/a 62,000
Flagstaff: SmartCode Floating Zone AZ City Floating zone for areas designated Mixed Use or TND in Regional Plan SmartCode 2007 40,896 n/a
Florida Planning Toolbox: FBCs FL State   FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Flowood MS City Optional overlay SmartCode 2005 10,432 4,750
Fort Myers Beach FL City Mixture of form-based & conventional zoning districts; FBC districts as "redevelopment districts." Mandatory downtown. Mandatory design standards for commercial buildings. Other FBC 1999   6,410
Fort Myers: Downtown SmartCode FL Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown (Chapter 118, Article VII) SmartCode 2005   60,531
Fort Worth: Near Southside Development Standards and Guidelines TX Neighborhood Near Southside Development Standards and Guidelines Other FBC 2003    
Fort Worth: Trinity Uptown TX Neighborhood Trinity Uptown Other FBC 2002    
Frankfort KY Neighborhood Second Street Other FBC      
Freeport NY City   Transect-based 2009 3,072 43,881
Fremont Design Guidelines CA City Fremont Design Guidelines Other FBC 2010 58,880 202,867
Fresno CA City Implements the Downtown Neighborhood Communities Plan Other FBC   7,000  
Frisco Form-Based Code Manual TX City Optional overlay FB Guidelines 2003 n/a n/a
Fuquay-Varina NC Neighborhood   Other FBC      
Gabon Africa Nation Applies to urban extensions SmartCode     1,400,000
Gainesville: University Heights FL Neighborhood   Other FBC 2000 295 1,475
Garden City GA City   Other FBC   9,344 8,778
Gautier MS City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Georgia Alternatives to Conventional Zoning GA State   FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Germantown TN Neighborhood Mandatory for 800 acre business district SmartCode 2007 800 37,476
Glen Rose TX City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Grand Rapids MI City   Transect-based 2001 28,544 193,396
Grand Valley Metro Council MI Region Regional template FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Grandville Zoning Ordinance, Article 10, Form-Based Code Districts MI Neighborhood FBC districts include downtown (Central Business District) and surrounding neighborhoods (Prairie/Barrett District) Other FBC 2010 5,510 16,758
Grass Valley Development Code CA City Mandatory citywide Other FBC 2007 2,630 12,232
Greenland NH City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Greensboro: Willow Oaks & Southside NC Neighborhood Willow Oaks HOPE VI Redevelopment Plan; Southside brownfield Transect-based 2000 260  
Greenville TX Neighborhood   SC & FBC Discussion   21,696 25,551
Greenville: Haywood Road Form Based Code SC Neighborhood Mandatory for Haywood Road Transect-based      
Greenville: Stone Avenue Neighborhood Form Based Code SC Neighborhood Mandatory for Stone Avenue neighborhood Transect-based   9,331 39,382
Greenville: TODs SC Neighborhood Mandatory for TODs Transect-based      
Gulfport: Handsboro Community MS Neighborhood   SmartCode 2008 900 -
Gulfport: Old Gulfport Community Plan and Mississippi City Plan MS Neighborhood Mandatory for Old Gulfport Community Plan and Mississippi City Plan SmartCode 2007 - -
Gulfport: Optional SmartCode Overlay MS City Optional overlay SmartCode 2007 81,276 64,316
Habersham SC City   Transect-based      
Halifax County VA Neighborhood Mandatory for "urban development areas." Other FBC      
Hamden SmartCode CT Neighborhood Mandatory along primary corridor, includes Transect Zones T1, T2, T3, T3.5, T4 and T5 SmartCode 2009 42,624 58,800
Hamilton OH Neighborhood Mandatory for areas adjacent to Main Street and Downtown/High Street. Other FBC      
Hammonton NJ Neighborhood Applies to downtown and gateway areas. Transect-based 2011    
Hampton VA Neighborhood Mandatory for the Buckroe Bayfront District; implements UDA master plan Other FBC 2008    
Hapeville GA Neighborhood Covers several Special Design Areas in the core Other FBC 2006 1,536 5,978
Harrison County SmartCode MS Region An option for development of Communities and Neighborhoods SmartCode 2009 624,640 178,460
Hattiesburg MS Neighborhood Implements Midtown Master Plan Other FBC      
Haverford Township, Delaware County PA Neighborhood Focused on Infill Development & Redevelopment Transect-based 2009    
Hawai'i County SmartCode HI Region   SmartCode 2012 3,255,680 177,835
Hayward: Mission Blvd Corridor Specific Plan & SmartCode CA Neighborhood Mandatory SmartCode along the Mission Boulevard Corridor north and south of the downtown SmartCode   240 206,000
Hayward: South Hayward BART SmartCode CA Neighborhood Mandatory TOD SmartCode at the South Hayward BART station SmartCode 2011 240 23,000
Henderson NV City   Other FBC 2010 60,480 257,729
Henrico County VA Region 6 proposed developments in Henrico that incorporate new urbanism principles such as Rocketts Landing, Staples Mill Centre, West Broad Village & Wilton on the James. Transect-based 2003 152,320 292,599
Hillsboro OR Neighborhood Station Community Planning Areas ("SCPA") Other FBC      
Hillsborough: Northwest Hillsborough County Master Plan FL Region Implimented in Northwest Hillsborough count approximately 35 square miles. High density of Town Centers is achieved by TDR from Rural Reserve Areas. SmartCode 1998 21,750 56,000
Hilton Head SC City Town of Hilton Head Land Management Ordinance Other FBC      
Hollywood FL City   SC & FBC Discussion 1984   139,756
Houston TX City Tentative FBC in place now that is up for revision Other FBC 1985   2,242,193
Howell MI City As a part of upgrades to 11 miles of city roads Other FBC 1986   9,694
Huntersville: Vermillion NC City   Transect-based 1996   46,773
Huntsville AL City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Hutto TX City Optional overlay; mandatory for downtown SmartCode 2009 4,960 14,698
Iowa City IA City   SmartCode   16,006 67,862
Ipswich Australia City   SmartCode     172,700
Ithaca Collegetown FBC NY Neighborhood Between Cornell College and downtown area Other FBC     29,763
Jacksonville Traditional Neighborhood Development District Ordinance FL City TND ordinance augmented by Design Guidelines and Best Practices Handbook by Miller Sellen Conner & Walsh. Other FBC 1987 566,400 813,518
Jamestown RI Neighborhood Regulatory on Downtown Development District, the entire traditional village area. Transect-based zoning and incentives to meet state Affordable Housing mandates. SmartCode 2009 5,760 5,600
Jean Lafitte LA City Customization of the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit Transect-based   3,840 2,137
Jefferson Co. Regional SmartCode AL Region Regional Sector Plan SmartCode 2010 711,680 665,027
Jersey Village TX Neighborhood   Other FBC 2011    
Jindee Australia City Developer-enforced for Jindee SmartCode 2011 277  
Johns Island SC Neighborhood   SmartCode      
Kansas City KS City (1) Located west of Interstate 635 and containing a minimum of eighty (80) acres. (2) Located east of Interstate 635, not located in the Downtown, and containing a minimum of five (5) acres. (3) Located on an arterial collector. (4) Located within one quarter (1/4) mile of an existing transit stop. (5) Located next to an existing TND Zone and will connect with a public street to the existing TND Zone. Transect-based 2007 82,163 145,786
Kelowna: Vintage Landing Resort British Columbia Neighborhood Developer-enforced for Vintage Landing SmartCode 2011    
Kendall: Downtown Kendall Master Plan and Code FL Neighborhood Downtown; one of first form-based codes Transect-based 1998 380 35,000
King City: Downtown Addition Specific Plan CA Neighborhood   Transect-based   100 1,625
Knightdale NC City   Other FBC 2005 19,840 11,705
Knoxville: Cumberland Avenue Form Based Code TN Neighborhood 6-block corridor by University Other FBC 2007    
Knoxville: South Waterfront Form-Based Development Code TN Neighborhood South Waterfront Other FBC 2003   184,802
Kona Village Design Guidelines HI Region Mandatory for TODs; adopted Sept 2008; recalibration adopted June 2012. SmartCode 2008 - -
Lake Charles LA City   SmartCode 2008 25,678 53,993
Lake Charles: Downtown Lakefront District Code LA Neighborhood Mandatory for Downtown Lakefront district, City Ordinance 13701 SmartCode 2006 50 18,000
Lake Zurich IL Neighborhood Downtown Frontage Code 2008   20,610
Lakeland Citywide Design Framework and Form Based Code FL City Citywide FBC includes 16 building types, parks, landscape standards, and block layout. Other FBC 2009 47,616 94,406
Lancaster TX City   SmartCode   19,392 36,361
Lancaster Co. PA Region Applied to Lititz Borough, Penn Township, and Manheim Township Transect-based      
Lansing MI City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Lauderdale Lakes FL City   SmartCode   2,329 32,593
Lauderhill FL City   SmartCode 2012 4,672 66,887
Lawrence KS City Optional overlay SmartCode 2009 21,926 87,643
Lawrenceville GA Neighborhood Downtown Other FBC     29,258
Layton: West Layton Village Center FBC UT Neighborhood   SmartCode 2012 140  
Leander TX City Mandatory for jurisdiction. Dreihaus Award Winner. SmartCode 2005 342 20,451
Lee Co.: Compact Communities Code FL Region TDRs for water managment. Rezoning is not required for the TNDs; code allows them by right. County may seed TDR program by initial purchases of credits. Transect-based 2010 96,000 1,000,000
Lee's Summit MO City Mandatory for the New Longview project Other FBC 2002 39,488 91,668
Leesburg: Crescent District Form-based Code VA Neighborhood Crescent District Other FBC 2011 7,973 38,206
Leland FlexCode NC City Optional for now; mandatory focus areas to coincide with regional master plan. SmartCode 2011 2,624 1,938
Lemont IL City Downtown and the I&M Canal Other FBC 2005 40 16,176
Lemoore CA City Downtown, and mixed use sites throughout city Other FBC 2010 21,400 25,461
Liberty MO City Optional overlay SmartCode 2006 18,432 29,581
Lititz Borough, Lancaster County PA Neighborhood See Section 216 Traditional Neighborhood Development Overly District (TNDO); Section 217 Form-Based Code Regulations for Districts; Section 218 Downtown Overlay District. Transect-based 2010    
Little Elm: Eldorado Overlay District and the Town Center TX Neighborhood Eldorado District and Town Center Other FBC     5,085
Livermore CA City   Transect-based 2010 15,424 73,345
Lloydminster Alberta City   Other FBC      
Locust Town Center NC City   Transect-based   120 868
Loma Rica Ranch CA Neighborhood Loma Rica Ranch Other FBC   450 2,479
Long Beach MS City   SmartCode 2011 6,464 15,404
Louisiana Land Use Toolkit LA State Model Code FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Lowell MA City Older mill redevelopment district Transect-based 2006 9,280 103,229
Macon: Beall's Hill GA Neighborhood Beall's Hill. Charter Award Winner. Other FBC   8,256 26,174
Madison WI Neighborhood   Other FBC      
Malta NY Neighborhood Ex-urban town center Other FBC      
Manchester CT Neighborhood Broad Street Redevlopment Area: Older strip commercial center and Urban Renewal District Other FBC      
Manheim Township, Lancaster County PA City Incentivizes Redevelopment Strategies. Transect-based 2011    
Mansfield CT Neighborhood   Other FBC      
Manvel TX City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Margate FL City   SC & FBC Discussion 2007 5,638 53,284
Marquette MI Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown waterfront Other FBC 2004   65,492
Martin County FL Region   Other FBC      
McClellan AL Neighborhood   SmartCode      
McDonough Downtown Code GA Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown SmartCode   8,256 22,084
McKinney - Regional Employment Center Overlay District TX Neighborhood Mandatory for REC & Craig Ranch (DPZ / Gateway plan). APA TX Best Planning. Other FBC 2003 4,500 75,000
Mechanicsville VA Neighborhood Applies to the Memorial Regional Medical Center neighborhood SmartCode      
Mecklenburg VA Neighborhood Mandatory for "urban development areas." Other FBC      
Media Borough, Delaware County PA Neighborhood Focus on Building Positioning and Parking Positioning. Identified Streetscape Enhancement standards. Transect-based 2007    
Memphis Medical Overlay District TN Neighborhood Medical Overlay District incorporate form elements Other FBC 2003    
Memphis Unified Development Code TN City UDC incorporates form elements as overlay frontages. Other FBC 2010 501,760 669,651
Meriam Park, in Chico CA Neighborhood Mandatory for Meriam Park Other FBC 2007 270  
Mesa AZ City   Other FBC   3,200 463,552
Mesquite: City Wide FB UDC TX City City Wide Form-Based Unified Development Code 2009. Gus Thomasson Corridor Revitalization Code. SmartCode 2009 - -
Mesquite: Kaufman-Interstate 20 District Greenfield Territory Code TX Neighborhood Mandatory for Greenfield territory in Kaufman-Interstate 20 District SmartCode 2008 1,408 -
Mesquite: Regional SmartCode TX Region Regional Sector Plan for 20 square miles of Greenfield territory and extraterritorial jurisdiction. SmartCode 2008 12,800 137,539
Mesquite: Truman Heights Neighborhood District TX Neighborhood Mandatory for Truman Heights Neighborhood District SmartCode 2007 - -
Miami Gardens FL City   SC & FBC Discussion 2010 12,800 108,862
Miami21 FL City Mandatory citywide SmartCode 2009 22,400 424,662
Michigan City IN Neighborhood North End SmartCode 2007 607 33,000
Michigan Guidebook to Livability: Form-Based Codes in 7-Steps MI State   FB Guidelines 2010 n/a n/a
Midlothian VA Neighborhood Applies to the St. Francis Medical Center neighborhood SmartCode      
Milton GA Neighborhood Implements the Crabapple Visioning Study, created by Lew Oliver Wholetown Solutions. SmartCode 2012    
Miramar FL City   SC & FBC Discussion   440  
Mission Road Main Street Innovation Project Alberta Neighborhood Mission Road Neighbourhood SmartCode   160  
Mission: West Gateway Form Based Code KS Neighborhood West Gateway Other FBC 2003 120 9,765
Mississauga Ontario City   Other FBC      
Mississippi SmartCode Template MS State optional state-wide template SmartCode 2005    
MITOD Action Guide US Nation an online tool designed to help local jurisdictions and planners develop strategies to create mixed income transit oriented development around planned transit stations FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Mobile: Spring Hill Form Based Code AL Neighborhood Applies to commercial areas of the Village of Spring Hill Transect-based 2008 200  
Monroe GA City   SmartCode   6,656 13,234
Montclair CA City Vacant lots, strip malls, and other marginal land uses located between mall and transit center Transect-based 2006 100 36,530
Montgomery Downtown Plan AL Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown May '07; mandatory for West Fairview 2010; mandatory for Cloverdale 2011 SmartCode 2007    
Montgomery: Optional SmartCode Overlay AL City Optional overlay SmartCode 2006 730 201,998
Montpelier VT City   SmartCode   40  
Moss Point MS City   SmartCode 2007 17,152 17,653
Mount Holly NJ Neighborhood Downtown & sourrounding neighborhoods Other FBC   4,000 10,728
Mountain View Design Guidelines Rowhouse and Multi-Family Design Guidelines CA City Mountain View and Multi-Family Other FBC 2005   71,348
Mt. Pleasant SC Neighborhood Applies to I'On Transect-based      
Naples: Fifth Avenue South Overlay FL Neighborhood   Transect-based      
Naranja Urban Center, Miami-Dade County FL Neighborhood   Other FBC 1999   4,034
Narberth PA Neighborhood Intended to be for the whole municipality, the "Narberth Borough." The Montgomery County Planning Commission is writing the draft in 2012. SmartCode   317 4,309
Nashville Downtown Code TN Neighborhood Downtown Other FBC 2006 - -
Nashville Urban Zoning Overlay TN City Urban Zoning Overlay (UZO) district applies to development primarily before WWII. Other FBC 2002 322,560 596,462
National City Downtown Specific Form-Based Guidelines CA Neighborhood Downtown. Street-type based. Helen Putnam Award Honorable Mention, League of California Cities for Most Effective Advocacy Other FBC 2005    
New Castle Co.: Hamlet & Village Design DE Region Optional overlay (Division 40.25.100, Hamlet and Village Design) SmartCode 2009 315,846 538,479
New Jersey DOT Municipal Form-Based Code Initiative NJ State   Other FBC      
New Orleans LA City Too much FAR, too little form. Code under review. Other FBC      
New Westminster British Columbia City   Other FBC 1998   60,000
Newark Downtown Code OH Neighborhood Downtown SC & FBC Discussion 1999   278,154
Newport VT City Mandatory for sites over 40,000 SF or with buildings over 30,000 SF. Other FBC 2010 4,864 5,125
Normal IL City   Other FBC 2001 8,704 52,497
North Central Texas TX Region   FB Guidelines 1999 n/a n/a
North Charleston Comp Plan SC Region   Transect-based 2008 49,024 97,471
North Lauderdale FL City   SmartCode   2,483 41,023
North Richland Hills: Transit Oriented Mixed Use Development Code TX City   Other FBC 2009 200 8,214
Northampton MA City New village center on major arterial Other FBC   3,000 28,379
Oak Park IL Neighborhood Roosevelt Road corridor with FBCs jointly by City of Berwyn (Feb 2010), Town of Cicero (Oct 2010), and the Village of Oak Park Other FBC 2009    
Oak Ridge: Rarity Ridge Form Based Code TN City Initially for Rarity Ridge when adopted in 2001; now available for application throughout the city Other FBC 2001 1,200 27,677
Ocean Springs MS City Two waterfront areas: Plummer’s Point and Ocean Springs SmartCode 2008 6,419 17,149
Omaha Downtown Core & Streetcar Corridor Design Standards NE Neighborhood Downtown Core and Streetcar Corridor Other FBC 2010 1,408 -
Omaha Urban Design Standards NE City Urban Design standards include a blend of form and use based code regulating development from downtown to very suburban greenfields. Other FBC 2007 79,769 408,958
Omaha: Optional SmartCode Overlay NE Neighborhood optional (Leytham only) SmartCode 2008 160 1
Onondaga County NY Region Regional plan with 8 pilot projects Transect-based 2001 512,000 458,336
Orlando: Baldwin Park Form Based Code FL Neighborhood Baldwin Park Transect-based 2001 1,100 10,000
Orlando: Parramore Heritage District, FL FL Neighborhood “African Quarter” Transect-based 1994 900 4,190
Orlando: Traditional City FL City   Transect-based 2010 51,200 238,300
Osceola County FL Region   SmartCode   846,016 244,045
Overland Park KS City   Other FBC 2010 47,897 176,185
Owensboro: Downtown Form-Based Code Overlay KY Neighborhood   Other FBC     56,000
Palo Alto Context-Based Design Code CA City Context-Based Design Code: Mixed-use and Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Overlay Zones Other FBC   15,285 64,403
Panama City Beach FL Neighborhood Front Beach Other FBC      
Park City UT City   Other FBC   11,242 7,558
Parkland FL City   SmartCode   6,528 23,962
Parkville MO City   Other FBC 2008 4,800 4,059
Pascagoula MS City   SmartCode   9,800 23,500
Pass Christian MS Region Mandatory citywide SmartCode; regional and neighborhood scales; has TDR SmartCode 2007 5,400 6,500
Penn Township, Lancaster County PA City Mandatory for the township. Transect-based 2011 18,816 7,312
Peoria: Heart of Peoria Form Based Code IL Neighborhood Implements Heart of Peoria Plan by DPZ Other FBC 2003 8,000 114,114
Petaluma: Central Petaluma SmartCode CA Neighborhood Mandatory for 400 acres in Central Petaluma SmartCode 2003 8,800 54,660
Petoskey MI Neighborhood B2- Central Business District standards. Other FBC      
Phoenix: Downtown Phoenix Urban Form Project AZ Neighborhood The Downtown Phoenix Urban Form Project implements the Downtown Strategic Vision Other FBC 2010 1,500 39,584
Phoenix: Reinvent Phoenix AZ Neighborhood Will apply to TODs        
Pike Road AL City Original 2005 FBC by PlaceMakers was mandatory for Sectors O-1, G-3, G-4; has since been materially modified by others. SmartCode 2005 20,224 5,406
Pittsfield Smart Growth Overlay District MA City Smart Growth Overlay District Other FBC 2004 26,048 44,737
Placentia CA City   Other FBC   112 51,932
Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 United Arab Emirates Region   Other FBC 2007 16,640 1,463,491
Plano TX Neighborhood Applies to Legacy Town Center Transect-based      
Plantation FL City   SmartCode   84,955 13,913
Portales Downtown Code NM Neighborhood Downtown form-based code Other FBC 2004   12,215
Portland OR City City centers along tranist corridors, Mixed-Use Projects, Pedestrian Districts Other FBC 2005 1,600 408,643
Portsmouth: Destination Portsmouth Form Based Code VA Neighborhood Form-Based Code implements Downtown Master Plan and Waterfront Strategy Transect-based 2010 360 100,577
Post Falls ID City Mandatory for all newly annexed property and property within the defined city center. Floating zone for the rest of the community. SmartCode 2010 8,960 27,574
Poughkeepsie NY City Poughkeepsie accepted FBC RFPs in June 2008, to complete a draft FBC started in 2006. Other FBC   3,264 32,736
Poundbury England City   Transect-based      
Prescott AZ City As part of the city's Smart Growth effort, Mayor Jack Wilson has established a FBC Committee. SC & FBC Discussion 2010 25,676 39,843
Prince George's MD Region Mixed use form-based districts for use as part of sector planning process. Other FBC 2006 310,675 828,770
Raleigh Arena Area Master Plan & Code NC Neighborhood   Other FBC   2,560  
Ramona CA City   SmartCode   9,792 16,527
Ranson Renewed WV City Mandatory for downtown, incentivized elsewhere SmartCode 2012 6,700 5,453
Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan CA Neighborhood Redwood Downtown Precise Plan Area Other FBC 2011 22,144 74,060
Research Park: CORE General Development Guidelines NC Neighborhood   FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Revelstoke British Columbia City   SmartCode   7,616 7,230
Richmond: 23rd Street Corridor CA Neighborhood 23rd Street Corridor Other FBC   1,000 102,186
Richmond: Manchester Form Based Code VA Neighborhood Manchester only; implementing a portion of Downtown Plan Other FBC   40,000 204,451
Richmond: St. Mary's VA Neighborhood Applies to the St. Mary's Hospital neighborhood SmartCode      
Ridgeland SmartCode SC City Mandatory for entire town SmartCode 2010 1,408 2,518
Riverside Co: March LifeCare Campus CA Neighborhood   Other FBC 2009 246 12,000
Roanoke: Downtown Roanoke Form Based Code TX Neighborhood Downtown form-based code - Oak St; Chapter 12, Article III, Division 15 Other FBC      
Rocky View Alberta Region County of Rocky View Hamlet Districts (Transect-Based FBC Under Development) SmartCode 2011 960,106 36,461
Rosemary Beach FL City   Transect-based 1995 107  
Roswell: Groveway Zoning Form Based Code GA Neighborhood Mandatory for Groveway Zoning Form Based Code Other FBC 2012    
Round Rock TX City Once the City Council approves the Downtown Plan, will begin work on the FBC SC & FBC Discussion   21,952 86,902
Rowlett TX City P&Z Commission requested $50,000 for FBC study in November 2009 SC & FBC Discussion   12,800 74,060
Sacremento: SACOG Form-Based Codes Handbook CA Region   FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Saint Albert Alberta City   Other FBC   133  
Saline MI Neighborhood Downtown Other FBC      
San Antonio: City South TX Neighborhood Mandatory for City South SmartCode 2005 56,320 32,253
San Carlos CA City   SC & FBC Discussion 2000 3,546 28,406
San Diego: SANDAG Smart Growth Concept Plan: Regional Comp Plan CA Region Place Types: Metropolitan Center to Rural Center Transect-based 2008 2,345,289 3,001,072
San Marcos University Plan CA Neighborhood Street Types. Client: City of San Marcos, California, Mr. Paul Malone, City Manager Other FBC 2009   9,702
San Marcos: Creekside Town Center Downtown Specific Plan CA Neighborhood Downtown. Place Types: Core, Centers, Districts, Edge. 2008 San Diego APA - Outstanding Planning Award, Planning Project Award of Merit Transect-based 2007 200  
San Marcos: Downtown San Marcos TX Neighborhood Implements the Downtown San Marcos Master Plan SmartCode 2011    
Santa Ana CA City The Transit Zoning Code, Specific Development No. 84, See Chapter 41, Article XIX. Other FBC 2010 450 169,565
Santa Clarita: The North Newhall Form Based Code CA Neighborhood North Newhall Specific Plan links Downtown and Placerita Canyon by small-scale, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood center and adjacent residential neighborhood Transect-based   213 195,761
Santa Paula: East Area 1 Specific Plan CA Neighborhood   Other FBC 2008 501  
Sarasota FL Neighborhood mandatory for downtown & surrounding neighborhoods SmartCode 2004   52,942
Sarasota County Form Based Code FL Region Proposals for mixed-use development in unincorporated Sarasota Co. eligible for rezoning to PMI zoning district if incorporate principles of traditional neighborhood design. Transect-based 2007 464,115 379,488
Saucier MS City   SmartCode   4,480 1,342
Savannah GA Neighborhood Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District Other FBC 2004    
Scott LA City   SmartCode   5,696 7,870
Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative Scotland Nation National Code SmartCode 2008 19,460,000 5,062,011
Seabrook NH City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Sealy Form-Based Code TX City   SC & FBC Discussion      
Seaside Form Based Code FL City The first form-based code Transect-based 1981 80 2,000
Sedona AZ City Consultant selected May 2009 SmartCode      
Shelburne VT Neighborhood Mandatory for Harrington Village Other FBC      
Simsbury Center Code CT Neighborhood Form-based code for a traditional new england town center Other FBC 2011   23,234
Sonoma CA City   Other FBC 2001 1,696 10,008
Sonoma Mountain Village, Rohnert Park CA Neighborhood Planned development SmartCode 2010 200  
South Abaco Bahamas Region Schooner Bay SmartCode 2010 220  
South Boston VA Neighborhood   Other FBC      
South Burlington VT Neighborhood Applies to City Center / Williston Road; RFP issued Aug 2012        
South Fork CO Neighborhood mandatory for Town Center SmartCode 2009 180 3,000
South Padre Island TX Neighborhood 6-mile commercial corridor along Padre Boulevard, including the island's Entertainment District between the Boulevard and the Laguna Madre Other FBC 2011    
South Weymouth Naval Air Station MA Region Three towns approved a zoning overlay district to support the master plan for this former naval air station. Other FBC 2011   54,289
Spartanburg SC Neighborhood Mandatory for Downtown SmartCode 2011    
Spokane Valley Subarea Plan and Form-based Code WA Neighborhood   Transect-based 2009   90,210
Spotsylvania County VA Region Mandatory for "urban development areas." Transect-based   256,640 122,397
Springfield Township, Delaware County PA Neighborhood Focus on Baltimore Pike Corridor. Established “Green Boulevard” requirements/standards. Transect-based 2010    
Springville UT Neighborhood Westfields Village Center SmartCode      
St. Bernard Parish LA City   SmartCode   297,600 35,897
St. Charles MO Neighborhood optional (New Town only) SmartCode 2003   63,009
St. Leonard Town Center Master Plan MD Neighborhood   Other FBC   335 700
St. Lucie: Towns, Villages, and Countryside Plan FL Region Implements "Towns, Villages, and Countryside" (TVC) master plan prepared for St. Lucie County by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. Transect-based 2006 49,087 155,000
St. Paul MN Neighborhood Capitol Area Zoning Rules regulate the state buildings and lands as well as several blocks of private development and neighborhoods. Other FBC   120  
St. Petersburg: Corridor Commercial Traditional District Regulations FL Neighborhood Corridor Commercial Traditional District Regulations Other FBC 2007 38,144 248,098
Stafford County VA Region Mandatory for “urban development areas.” McGuireWoods drafted a FBC for Stafford County. The Code Studio is an additional planning area. Transect-based   172,800 128,961
Standish ME Neighborhood   Other FBC 2011   10,000
Starkville MS Neighborhood downtown and corridors to Mississippi State University SmartCode 2012 400 2,400
Steamboat 700 CO City Steamboat 700 Transect-based   700 9,592
Stratham: The Gateway Commercial Business District NH Neighborhood Optional overlay aimed at 1970's strip centers to transform to village character. Rockyham Planning Commission & Gateway Committee. Other FBC     7,287
Stuart FL City DPZ FBC was a 2-page code from the 1980s, which won the Governor's Urban Design Award in 1990. Civic Design Associates and others rewrote the code. Current code is not form-based. Transect-based   4,032 15,964
Sylvan Lake: Architectural Pattern Book & Form Based Urban Code Alberta City Sylvan has adopted an Architectural Pattern Book & Form Based Urban Code for waterfront district revitalization, which is approved and implemented. Other FBC 2006 412 8,478
Tahoe: Lake Tahoe Regional Form-Based Code NV Region Regional template SmartCode      
Tamarac FL City   SmartCode 2005 7,289 60,427
Tampa FL Neighborhood Greater Seminole Heights Planning Area; 40th Street; Tampa Heights Other FBC   3,031 22,026
Taos NM City mandatory for Chemisa Verde SmartCode 2009 137 4,701
Tarpon Springs FL Neighborhood Mandatory for Community Redevelopment Area and the Sponge Docks tourist area SmartCode 2011 250 5,460
Tempe AZ Neighborhood optional overlay Other FBC 2005 4,000 100,000
The Codes Project AZ Global An anthology of codes FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Thurston Co.: Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA Region   SC & FBC Discussion      
Tiverton RI Neighborhood   Other FBC      
Traditional Neighborhoods FL State   FB Guidelines   n/a n/a
Transit Center Zoning District TX Neighborhood Article XX. (TC) Transit Center District Regulations Other FBC 2005   120,150
Tulsa: Pearl District Form Based Code OK Neighborhood Pearl District is a pilot form-based code to test for wider application within the city. Other FBC 2011 300  
Tuscaloosa AL Neighborhood Mandatory in the April 2011 Tornado Recovery Zone. Mixed-use adopted Jan 2012; still working on residential. Other FBC 2012    
Tuscaloosa AL Neighborhood Downtown SmartCode      
Tuxedo Reserve NY City   SmartCode   1,266  
Ukiah Downtown CA Neighborhood   SmartCode   100 2,000
University Place CA Neighborhood   Other FBC 2009    
Venice: Envision Venice FL City Envision Venice Other FBC 2005 6,144 21,015
Ventura CA City   SmartCode   13,859 106,433
Veridea in the Town of Apex NC Neighborhood SmartCode mandatory for Veridea SmartCode   1,000  
Virginia Beach Oceanfront Form Code VA Neighborhood Implements and refines adopted Sasaki Resort Area Plan. Includes 3.5 miles of oceanfront hotels and related area. Other FBC     433,746
Waveland MS City   SmartCode 2005 4,352 7,000
Waynesville NC City Mandatory for entire community Other FBC 2008 4,992 9,623
Wendell NC City Mandatory for entire community (Suspended by new Board on 1/25/10) Other FBC 2007 22,400 5,423
West Evanston: Zoning Overlay for Redevelopment Areas IL Neighborhood Applicable within and around the West Evanston TIF area Other FBC 2009 4,992 74,239
West Feliciana Parish LA City Customization of the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit Other FBC   259,840 15,111
West Palm: Downtown West Palm Beach Urban Code FL Neighborhood   Transect-based 2009 700  
West Park FL City   SmartCode   1,344 14,156
Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium ID Region HUD grant enables FBC to apply to Teton County, and the cities of Driggs and Victor. Other FBC      
Wilmington: Tri-Town Development Area Form-Based Code MA Neighborhood   Other FBC   700 21,679
Windsor FL City   Transect-based      
Windsor Ontario City   Other FBC   36,302 210,891
Windwalk/Okotoks Alberta Neighborhood Development Specific SmartCode SmartCode 2010 145  
Winter Park FL Neighborhood Applies to Hannibal Square Transect-based      
Winter Park FL Neighborhood   SmartCode      
Winter Springs Town Center District FL Neighborhood Mandatory for Winter Springs Town Center District. “Street-based code” where building standards are tied to street types. Other FBC 1996 n/a n/a
Winter Springs Town Center District FL Neighborhood Mandatory for Winter Springs Town Center District Transect-based 2012 200 32,667
Winters Form Based Code for Downtown CA Neighborhood   Other FBC 2010 1,760 7,011
Wisconsin's Traditional Neighborhood Development Ordinance WI State Response to the WI Smart Growth law to create mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods which enhance the sense of place and community. FB Guidelines 2001 n/a n/a
Woodford KY City   Other FBC 2007 192 24,526
Woodstock SmartCode GA City Mandatory for downtown and Ridgewalk SmartCode 2012 5,632 23,896
Woodstock: Downtown Woodstock Form Based Code GA Neighborhood Mandatory for downtown Other FBC 2005    
Yarmouth ME Neighborhood   Transect-based      
Codes Study by Hazel Borys and Emily Talen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Scale   Acres   Population
City 4,814,875 15,500,713
Nation 19,460,000 6,462,011
Neighborhood 550,267 6,140,065
Region 14,179,137 14,261,467
Total 39,004,278 42,364,256
SmartCodes and other Form-Based Codes 433
Form-Based Guidelines       14