1. “Create happier customers, who become champions and defenders of your products and services (including government services).”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. There’s no reason to be on social media if you don’t have a network of people who care about what you have to contribute. Social media is completely ineffectual if you don’t have followers who will pass the word along.

  2. Love the Home Depot perspective, Ben. Thanks.

  3. “There’s no reason to be on social media if you don’t have a network of people who care about what you have to contribute”

    I take issue with Lollipop’s comment… it’s exactly the opposite, in my experience. At the beginning of the Original Green initiative, I didn’t have a network of people who cared about what I had to contribute because so few knew about the initiative. So I used social media to find the people and build the network, and now, thousands of people are familiar with and support these ideas. Using the lollipop test, nobody would ever do social media except for amusement, it seems to me.

    But back to Ben’s post: the Home Depot analogy is good, but it leaves one thing out because it’s (apparently) about doing the same job. Social media also allow us to remake ourselves in ways that weren’t possible before, so that we can do other jobs as well. If I were still trying to be just an architect, it would be extremely tough times, as close to half of the architectural profession have now lost their jobs. But largely because of social media, I’ve transformed myself into other things so that I can wear multiple hats, and so we’re still afloat. So don’t just focus on the old jobs… there are new jobs that can be done as well.

  4. Love the headline, Ben. Couldn’t read the whole article though. My data input device shuts down at 140 characters.

  5. ROFL, Jonathan! That’s hilarious!


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