1. Lisa Welch says

    FYI there are no notes for the three google map pages, so I’m not sure what they are. Also, the file is HUGE. For some strange reason I went through the effort of cutting and pasted large photos as jpegs. The file is much smaller now.

  2. This conversation needs to continue… an over-the-edge idea, IMO. Kudos, Hazel!

  3. Hazel Borys says

    Thanks, Lisa — the collaborative Google Maps are part of the Code Study, which tracks the places that have adopted form-based codes that are FBCI-compliant. The Study is co-authored by Emily Talen and me, but has hundreds of collaborators. You’ll find the maps here:
    SmartCodes Adopted
    SmartCodes in Progress
    Other Form-Based Codes
    More on the Code Study on SmartCode Complete. Feel free to add your own FBCI-compliant work, and let us know.

    Thanks, Steve. Care to define “an over-the-edge idea?”

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