1. Calling the Tea Party, the new hippies, is an insult to all those who are still protesting and working for real change in the world. While the tea party uses phrases of individual liberty, they also seem to overwhelming be for controls on social values. And don’t forget that at the local level they want very authoritative zoning to protect their neighborhoods from change. Is the tea party really against “the Man”? Less taxes and government regulation for corporations? take that “the Man”

    I’d rather say that the Occupy movement are the new hippies (Though sadly they couldn’t translate their numbers into policies).

  2. Mitchell Austin says

    Well, the Tea Party demographics seem to line-up pretty closely with Hippie demographics if you added 40 to 50 years onto the age cohort. So, maybe we are really taking about the same group?
    Make no mistake “the Man” co-opted Hippie cultural cues as it became a movement to further the almighty virtue of increasing shareholder wealth. However, “the Man” co-opted the Tea Party in the process of its formation. “the Man” is shorting the sociological cycle from decades to mere moments, just as they have shortened the stock trading cycle from hours to nano-seconds. Progress man, pure progress…right?


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